Isbank boosts online banking security

Source: Isbank

Isbank applied Intel Identity Protection Technology (IPT) for the first time in Turkey, enabling secure login to Internet Branch, removing the need for a One Time Password.

Isbank is the first to provide a secure and simple login process through hardware based authentication mechanism for its Internet Branch customers in Turkey.

Identity Protection Technology utilizes One Time Password (OTP), a unique, one-time use, generated from an embedded processor that is tamper-proof and operates in isolation from the operating system. The credential is protected inside the chipset so it cannot be compromised by malware or removed from the PC.

In addition to being secure, IPT makes Internet Branch login easier as well. IPT is activated using the İşbank Internet Branch once, and then customers' eligible PC becomesan advanced security tool in itself. While customer is logging into Internet Branch, OTP is generated from PC's Processor and sent directly to the system, which eliminates the need of another separate physical token, extra software installation and typing One Time Password.

Intel IPT with OTP is available on all Intel inspired Ultrabook devices and all computers based on 4th generation Intel Core processors, the latest Intel Core vPro processors, as well as select previous generations of Intel Core processors. 

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