Quintessential Finance Group claims strong turnover growth

Source: Quintessential Finance Group

Quintessential Finance Group, the UK's leading financial technology business (fin-tech), has announced a 300 per cent increase in turnover in the last 12 months.

Turnover has grown from £11 million in 2012 to over £34 million this year, primarily through its Pingtree technology, which plugs financial businesses and websites into an entire market of lenders or providers.

With over 1,000 active partners and affiliates, the business generates over 400,000 loan and insurance applications a month.

The technology also supports a host of consumer-facing brands owned by the group, including myfinance.co.uk, myinsurance.co.uk, purplepayday.com and Epic Loans.

Based in Cheshire, the group operates in sectors including personal loans, short-term loans, insurance, debt consolidation, financial claims, credit reporting and data services and price comparison.

One of the new breed of fin-tech businesses, Quintessential was founded in 2006 by entrepreneur Greg Cox, and after initially focusing on the secured loan sector, diversified into wider financial services, developing a portfolio of online products and services.

Greg Cox, chief executive of Quintessential Finance Group, said: "The growth of Quintessential and its key products, like Pingtree, is no accident. The way in which people purchase financial services and products, including how they borrow and save, has changed. The emergence and adoption of new technology is driving choice, and with it increasing competition.

"Consumers demand quick and easy access to solutions, wanting decisions in minutes, whilst providers need a consistent high quality supply of customers. Our technology helps to fulfil those needs by bridging the gap between the consumer and multiple lenders or providers.

"The secret to our success has been developing powerful software solutions to make this process able to work in real-time for both audiences.

"We support this with exceptional customer service, in order to build strategic partnerships that are profitable and fruitful for everyone involved."

Quintessential is lookiing to continue its growth in 2013, as it expands into new international markets, opening its first permanent US office, as well as now operating in Australia, New Zealand and, shortly, Canada and Brazil.

It also continues to innovate and push its technology in order to improve its range of products, which will include launching new consumer-facing financial and insurance comparison sites this year. 

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