ProfitStars RDC tech added to ICBA preferred provider programme

Source: ProfitStars

Jack Henry & Associates ProfitStars® division announced today the addition of Remote Deposit Anywhere™ (RDA) to the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) Preferred Service Provider program.

ProfitStars' Remote Deposit Anywhere solution enables community banks to offer individual and small business customers the option to deposit checks from a compatible smartphone, camera-enabled tablet device, or flatbed scanner.

Pamela Judson, cash management director/FVP of MidSouth Bank in Lafayette, La., said, "Our community bank has been working with ProfitStars' various Enterprise Payment Solutions since 2007. During this time, they have been wonderful to work with, showing an eagerness to listen and taking a 'hands on' approach ensuring that the solutions bring value to our bank. RDA opens up a whole new world for bankers because our customers can bank with MidSouth from anywhere. Because our bank offers this service, customers who have moved from the local area have chosen to continue to bank with us."

Dan Clancy, executive vice president of Services at ICBA, said, "Both individual and business consumers are quickly embracing the convenience offered by mobile banking technology. Remote Deposit Anywhere offers a great convenience to community bank customers by enabling them to make deposits without visiting a physical bank branch while also automating and streamlining the deposit process for the bank."

The Remote Deposit Anywhere service offers an intuitive user interface and takes advantage of image processing technologies that ensure accuracy and correct any distortions of the check image. By providing a simple self-serve channel for deposits, community banks can deepen their relationships with their customers by increasing loyalty and entrenchment while also creating cost savings through reduced branch traffic.

According to David Foss, president of ProfitStars, "We are excited to once again expand our relationship with the ICBA and we are committed to meeting the critical business needs of their member banks. Our remote deposit solutions enhance the service we provide to regional and community banks by offering the competitive advantage of anytimme, anywhere check deposit. Remote Deposit Anywhere offers an outstanding user experience, provides industry-leading imaging technology, and drives material operational efficiencies that will ultimately benefit bank customers."

Deposit data processed through Remote Deposit Anywhere is protected by 256-bit encryption, providing assurance that bank account data is protected. Additional security measures include duplication prevention, deposit limits, and audit trails.

This agreement adds Remote Deposit Anywhere to the remittance, small business lending, remote deposit capture, website design and hosting, and security services ProfitStars already provides ICBA member banks at exclusive discounted rates. Select ProfitStars solutions have been ICBA preferred services since 2005.

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