FolioDynamix upgrades wealth platform

Source: FolioDynamix

FolioDynamix, a leading provider of web-based wealth management technology, content and services for managing the full investment and wealth advisory lifecycle, today announced it has released Version 7.0 of its award-winning FDx Singlesight wealth platform.

FolioDynamix is the only vendor to offer a truly-unified enterprise wealth management technology platform that supports the entire fee-based advisory lifecycle - propose, research, model, trade, report and govern - across all account types. The Version 7.0 release includes a series of new enhancements designed to revolutionize advisor efficiency and give wealth management firms greater alignment and insight across business channels.

New enhancements in the FolioDynamix wealth management platform include:

  • Mobile platform support for on-the-go advisor productivity and agility
  • Comprehensive tax optimization, powered by MSCI Barra's multiple factor model, provides advisors the framework for decomposing portfolio risk - balancing both the risk/return of a portfolio with the tax circumstances of the investor
  • The ability to manage all fee and commission-based accounts across multiple custodians, empowering hybrid advisors
  • Next-generation automated trading and rebalancing across multi-custodial accounts which incorporates innovative rebalancing algorithms for managing accounts at any level with a holistic unified managed household (UMH) view across all accounts - dramatically reducing hands-on advisor time, minimizing the number of trades and giving an advisors a strategic advantage in servicing multi-account households
  • Automatic cash-neutral mutual fund swap trading allows for better alignment and synchronization of sell-side and buy-side transactions - reducing potential debit cash balances while creating more accurate trades for clients.
  • Streamlined rep-directed tiered modeling capabilities that combine products and models together while processing sleeves dynamically in real-time, removing administrative burden from advisors

"Thanks to our continued focus on innovation, FolioDynamix has become the go-to wealth management platform for firms seeking to capitalize on the next wave of industry growth and improve the efficiency and profitability of their wealth management business," said Joseph Mrak, president and CEO of FolioDynamix. "Firms are quickly realizing that siloed technologies are cumbersome, inefficient and inconsistent, and they lack transparency. FolioDynamix delivers the optimal solution - best-of-breed wealth management capabilities in a single unified, cloud-based technology platform that is completely configurable to the unique needs of each business. Greater efficiency, enhanced agility, better transparency, cross-channel alignment and more innovative program offerings are just a few of the benefits our clients have gained from the FolioDynamix wealth management platform. We expect Version 7.0 will deliver even greater value in the areas of efficiency, alignment and agility."

FolioDynamix has been recognized repeatedly for its innovation in the wealth management industry, including being named the 2013 Advisory Solutions Provider of the Year and the 2012 Advisory Technology Innovator of the Year by the Money Management Institute (MMI). 

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