Vodafone to retail Adyen Shuttle mPOS device in Dutch stores

Source: Adyen

Adyen, the global payments company, today announced that Vodafone will sell the Adyen Shuttle mobile point-of-sale payment device in its Dutch business-to-business stores in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Hoofddorp, Utrecht, Maarssen, Zeist, Arnhem, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Rijswijk, Gouda, Den Haag and Den Bosch.

The Adyen Shuttle transforms smartphones and tablets running Android or iOS into Chip & PIN terminals. Its availability in Vodafone stores puts a cost-effective, simple and fully secure mobile payment system within the reach of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Combined with the associated Adyen app on a smartphone or tablet, Shuttle enables business owners to conduct mobile payment transactions with ease. The app links to the Adyen back-office, which provides detailed insight into all transactions and makes it easy to process refunds, select individual items and create reports. Shuttle is also the first European mobile payment solution that accepts both debit and credit cards. With this collaboration, Vodafone and Adyen are aiming at small and medium-sized companies, which often lack full-featured payment systems and are looking for cost-effective ways to process payments. Vodafone plans to steadily increase the number of its shops offering the Adyen Shuttle.

An Integrated Overview of E-Commerce and Point-of-sale Payments
Since the introduction of Adyen's Shuttle at the end of 2012, many smaller companies have adopted it as their one-stop payment solution. Feedback from business owners reveals that the simplicity with which the system can be implemented, maintained and expanded is central to its appeal. "We now have a complete overview of all our e-commerce and in-store payments in a single system," explained Lennart Koopmans, founder of fashion specialist Goeiemode. "We regularly organise large sample sales on location. The first time we used the Shuttle we were up and running within minutes. It was extremely easy."

Partners Adyen and Vodafone
"Business customers expect more from Vodafone than just a mobile device, competitive pricing and good network coverage. Our products and services are increasingly contributing to operational improvements and the implementation of new revenue models," said Rutger van den Berg, category manager at Vodafone Nederland. "With the Adyen Shuttle, our clients access a fast, simple and fully secure mobile payment solution at an attractive price."

"We are pleased to count as our sales partner a leading innovator at the forefront of mobile communication. Many of Vodafone's commercial customers are a natural target audience for Shuttle and we are now better able to reach them," said Roelant Prins, CCO at Adyen. "Traditionally Adyen has focused on online payments, a solution with which we serve large international clients. We now offer an entire portfolio of online, mobile and point-of-sale solutions. The Shuttle brings the power of online payment technology to a point-of-sale environment, and that makes it pretty revolutionary."

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