FircoSoft signs Uruguayan agent

Source: FircoSoft

FircoSoft, the leading global provider of watch list filtering solutions, announced today that it has signed a new FircoSoft Certified Agent, Danzi & Minarrieta, to provide sales, support and services for FircoSoft solutions within Uruguay.

The FircoSoft Certified Agent program is designed to provide customers with strong local expertise, and high quality customer service and support of FircoSoft solutions, as regulations are getting more and more stringent all across the globe.

Danzi & Minarrieta was founded in 2004 by financial industry professionals to provide consulting services in Uruguay with expertise in banking and SWIFT applications. The Company has strong expertise on FircoSoft solutions and is committed to focusing on customer needs and requirements, anticipating their expectations and taking responsibility for the final product and its effective implementation.

"We are very pleased to add Danzi & Minarrieta to our growing list of FircoSoft Certified Agents providing strong local expertise and knowledge of payments and FircoSoft solutions. Danzi & Minarrieta is very well known in the Uruguayan banking market and has had an exceptional track record with financial institutions in the region," said Gilberto Pacheco, Managing Director of FircoSoft (Brazil). "With this new partnership we will provide, through the expertise of Danzi & Minarrieta, excellent local support and services to ensure our customers are benefiting from the most effective and robust sanctions and KYC programs possible."

"I am delighted to join FircoSoft's Certified Agent network, as we have worked very closely with FircoSoft for many years and have experience with the quality, depth and breadth of their world-class watch list filtering solutions," said Ana Minarrieta,  Director of Danzi & Minarrieta. "I look forward to expanding the FircoSoft footprint by providing a local resource to support and grow the business, as well as to help financial institutions in the region benefit from improved economic sanctions controls and regulatory protection."

A FircoSoft Certified Agent is appointed by FircoSoft to promote FircoSoft products and deliver services in a given territory. The FircoSoft Certified Agent will be required to complete the FircoSoft certification process, validating its ability to pr ovide product support, project management and compliance assistance to customers.

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