DataCash bids to boost mobile payments experience

Source: DataCash

DataCash - A MasterCard Company has today announced the launch of its new and improved Mobile Optimised Hosted Payment Page templates.

As with the DataCash Hosted Pages Solution for web channels, the new mobile optimised solution, can be easily integrated with a merchant's existing payment solution, fraud prevention tools and reporting system, allowing retained control of look, feel and branding and preventing customers from feeling they are being moved to another site when making a payment. As soon as the device is recognised by a merchant's server, the relevant template can be applied. Templates include: "One size fits all" generic mobile page, Android, iPhone and iPad.

According to Gartner, in 2016 there will be 448 million mobile payment users, in a market worth $617 billion, with m-commerce being the most popular type of mobile payment in North America and Europe. In the UK alone, mobile shopping has already risen 55% compared to a year ago and with much faster 4G technology being launched we can only expect further growth.

In order to enable merchants to reap the benefits of this rapidly growing market, DataCash is constantly improving its services and products that help enhance the speed, security and convenience of completing a mobile transaction.

Wendy Dobson, Director of Innovations at DataCash, commented: "In today's market customers expect a consistent shopping experience across all channels, including mobile. Convenience, ease of use and speed is especially important when making purchases 'on the go'. Our mobile optimised payment pages have been designed around this paradigm." 

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