RTS to provide Eurodollar options trading on CME Globex

Source: RTS Realtime Systems Group

RTS Realtime Systems Group, a leading global Independent Software Vendor, today announces that they have successfully passed the conformance test for the new CME Enhanced Options release which will be introduced in August this year and contains the following main features:

  • Mass Quoting Functionality
  • EOS Integration

While Eurodollar options trading was previously only available via the CME EOS Enhanced Options System, RTS customers will now be able to access Eurodollar Options and along with other Globex traded products from one single trading front-end.

Further features in the new CME Globex Release:

  • New CME Eurodollar Mass Quote Functionality
  • Enhanced Eurodollar Options Strategy trading
  • Enhanced Request for Quotes via CME iLink
  • Indicative price display
  • Indicative quoting

Besides the new CME Globex Release, RTS also supports the EOS PMM API to stream indicative quotes. Steffen Gemuenden, Deputy CEO of RTS, comments: "As a CME Certified Option Partner, RTS will provide a premium trading front-end for market makers, prop traders and brokers to trade Eurodollar Options, Index Options and Currency options on CME's Globex platform."

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