ATMIA publishes best-practice manual for preventing ATM gas and explosive attacks

Source: ATMIA

ATMIA today announced the publication of a new best practice manual for helping the prevention of gas and explosive attacks on ATMs.

Alongside these best practices ATMIA has published a directory of special solutions for these attacks.

Explosive attacks against ATMs are of growing concern globally and are particularly prevalent in Europe. The use of explosives, predominantly combustible gas and with a proportional migration to solid explosives, is a recognised trend for the ATM industry in Europe.

In April 2013 with serious levels of attacks in seven European countries, ATMIA in Europe formed a special Task Force on ATM Gas & Explosive Attacks. The Task Force commissioned from its Steering Committee a set of best practices for the prevention of attacks along with a directory of specialist solutions providers for ATM operators in Europe.

The 16-person Steering Committee is comprised of representatives from banks, independent ATM operators, ATM schemes and law enforcement from six countries.

"To combat the current rise in gas and explosive attacks in several European countries, the ATM industry and law enforcement have got together to plan a counter-strategy which is working well. We commend these admirable new security best practices for mitigating the risk of this kind of attack," commented Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA.

The manual contains eight case studies which share insight on the industry's response to gas and explosive attacks in six European countries as well as Australia and Brazil. It is now available for all ATMIA members to download from global Best Practice Library.

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