ZTE selects Micropross tools for EMVCo L1 testing

Source: Micropross

ZTE Corporation, a publicly-listed global provider of telecommunications equipment, network solutions and mobile devices, has selected Micropross testers for the internal pre-certification of their NFC enabled smart devices.

This choice was driven by several factors. One of them, is the fact that Micropross test solutions are deployed at numerous validation laboratories in the world, which means that ZTE will be able to debug their prototypes in their own laboratories, and be very confident they will be successful when they will take the official validation session at an EMVCo laborarory. Then, Micropross EMVCo L1 analog test bench is the only one validated by EMVCo, which adds another level of confidence to the solution. And finally, only Micropross is able to propose a complete EMVCo test solution in a compact, all-in-one box such as the Contactless Test Station.

Philippe Bacle, president of Micropross, commented : "This is a big honor for Micropross to start this collaboration with ZTE. ZTE is known worldwide as an innovator in telecommunication equipment, just like Micropross is known as an innovator in test tools. This was a match made in heaven. ZTE is another addition to the list of telecommunications leaders which have chosen Micropross test solutions to perform pre-conformance testing of their products."

ZTE will also be able to upgrade easily their test system to NFC Forum and, if necessary, ISO testing. This is one of the numerous perks of using the Contactless Test Station : easy evolutivity to other standards, by keeping the same hardware, and just adding new test libraries.

Today, the Contactless Test Station by Micropross is used by all major NFC device anufacturers, chipset designers, and validation laboratories, all around the world. 

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