NCR wins ATM order from Chinese outsourcer

Source: NCR

Global technology company NCR Corporation (NCR) has won a new automated teller machine (ATM) order of more than 500 units from ATMU (China) Technology Co. Ltd ("ATMU"), the largest ATM cooperation operator and service provider in China.

The order includes NCR SelfServTM ATMs with cash dispense, deposit and cash recycling functions, which will help ATMU's bank customers, especially small-to-medium sized banks, to deliver a better customer experience. Since 2008, NCR has won volume ATM orders from ATMU totaling more than 9,200 units.

ATMU owns and operates its ATM network through a profit-sharing model with cooperated banks. This cooperation model allows banks, especially small-to-medium sized banks in China, to avoid making separate investments in dedicated ATM fleets.

The purchase features NCR SelfServ 25 with cash dispensing function and SelfServ 35 with cash deposit and recycling function. With compact footprint and slim line interfaces, both models are through-the-wall and vestibule outdoor ATMs, which are designed to deal with extreme weather experienced in China. The SelfServ 35 can handle a high volume of cash and has a large recycling capability to maximize financial service providers' return on investment.

ATMU's key challenges are to protect its ATM investment by ensuring its ATM network is highly available, secure and easy-to-use for consumers, and that its business processes are streamlined and efficient. According to ATMU, NCR SelfServ ATMs help drive deposit and revenue growth by delivering broad range of transactions and ensuring higher availability to consumers. This differentiated capability will drive loyalty among customers and help ATMU grow its business.

The unique self-healing technology in NCR SelfServ ATM addresses the key need of availability for ATMU. The NCR SelfServ ATM recovers automatically and quickly from "soft" failures with no need for service intervention, reducing average recovery time from two or three hours to 15 minutes. NCR SelfServ ATMs also feature advanced management functions, delivering banks more data about ATM locations, configurations and activity levels for each ATM. It enables ATMU to make more accurate and timely management decisions.

"ATMU is an innovator in providing an alternative option to banks' ATM investments. We value our growing relationship with ATMU in broadening NCR SelfServ ATMs to the 2nd to 3rd tiered market in China, jointly making their bank customers and end consumers' everyday lives easier," said Gary Miao, president of Financial Services, NCR Greater China. "NCR will continue to expand our sales channel in China by working with different partners."

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