DataCash and Shopitize partner to enable cashback payments through mobile app

Source: DataCash

DataCash, a MasterCard company, today announces that it has partnered with Shopitize to enable quick-and-easy cashback payments for UK shoppers using the Shopitize App.

The Shopitize mobile app, available on both Android and iPhone, enables shoppers to earn cash rewards on top brands across major UK supermarkets. The customer downloads the app and registers with Shopitize to gain access to exclusive grocery deals directly from major brand partners including Kellogg's, Danone, Innocent, Yeo Valley and Dr. Oetker.

When the shopper purchases an item, they take a photo of their receipt using their Shopitize app to submit for verification. Shopitize's system automatically matches eligible purchases against the offers available and once the customer accumulates five pounds in savings, they automatically receive cashback.

Previously, Shopitize has been paying cashback to consumers through PayPal or by cheque. Processing cheques is a labour intensive process; PayPal is quick, however it charges consumers fees on withdrawal. The DataCash Direct Credit System solution has universal appeal to all Shopitize users and enables the shopping innovator to pay cashback directly into users' bank accounts within a few working days of their accounts reaching the five pounds threshold. Unlike PayPal, Shopitize users incur no charges from using the DataCash payment method.

The integration of DataCash's Direct Credit system helps to reduce the administrative costs associated with mailing individual cheques. Furthermore, the flexibility of the automated Direct Credit system enabled Shopitize to manage peak periods, for instance during Christmas, without impacting on the time it is able to execute paybacks to its customers.

"Offering a quick-and-easy cashback platform to our users is within our ethos and the integration of DataCash's Direct Credit solution has helped us further that proposition. Not only are we able to provide users with a completely automated system from registration to payment with no consumer fees, but the Direct Credit solution has also alleviated some of the administrative time required, allowing us tto concentrate on enhancing our service," says Alexey Andriyanenko, managing director and co-founder at Shopitize.

"As a MasterCard company, we are committed to helping merchants integrate digital payment technologies to the benefit of their end customer so we are excited to be working with Shopitize to enable a true mobile experience for its users. We have extensive experience in implementing Direct Debit solutions; however by reversing the mechanism to enable regular Direct Credits, we were able to offer Shopitize and UK shoppers with a highly efficient cashback system." - Ajay Bhalla, president at DataCash.

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