Avelo adds direct-to-consumer channel to unified mortgage platform with Nationwide

Source: Avelo

Avelo, the UK's leading financial services technology solutions provider, is pleased to announce the launch of the first direct to consumer channel for its Mortgage Sales and Origination (MSO) platform, for Nationwide Building Society.

The move, part of a comprehensive drive to streamline operations and improve customer experience at the Society, makes Avelo's MSO the only fully multi-channel system of its kind, bringing all Nationwide's service channels under one single technology platform.

In addition to the new consumer channel, the MSO platform is already operational across Nationwide's intermediary, branch and call centre networks as well as the Mortgage Trading Exchange, following its initial launch.

With all channels integrated on the mortgage platform, customers will benefit from improved efficiency and speed in the sales process and won't need to spend time re-entering their data as they switch from the on-line channel to a branch or call centre. Consumers will now be able to research, compare and choose a product, get a quote and pay any fees online, and new Nationwide borrowers will have the ability to complete an application online.

The new direct to consumer capability will not just benefit new customers, but allow existing Nationwide borrowers directly to research and switch products, borrow more or port their existing loans when they move home, and confirm any change to their mortgage product.

Jon Whitmore, Group Sales and Marketing Director, Avelo commented: "The direct to consumer element of our MSO is the final piece of the puzzle in making the process of securing a mortgage deal as flexible and efficient as possible for Nationwide's prospective and current borrowers. Consumers will now be able to truly channel hop, starting the process online then switching to a branch or call centre without having to retype or lose any data.

"Our MSO solution has already begun to pay dividends for Nationwide, and we believe that this single platform proposition is now perfectly positioned to meet the evolving needs of both lenders and their customers."

Tracie Pearce, Head of Group Mortgages, Nationwide added: "MSO has helped Nationwide secure a place as the third largest mortgage lender in the market. It has also enabled us to bring all our mortgage channels under one common operating platform and offer customer propositions we previously could not.

"The introduction of MSO will significantly improve the online customer experience and enable us to offer a broader choice of transaction types. Another key benefit is that mid-transaction, should our customers seek a higher level of advice offered by our Retail teams, then MSO will enable them to do this without the case details needing to be started from scratch." 

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