SecureTrading scores processing deal with photo app Snapcam

Source: SecureTrading

The world's first global pixels to print company, Snapcam, has penned a deal to have all payments handled by the UK's largest independent payment processor, SecureTrading.

This is the latest in a series of announcements for SNAPCAM, after it was unveiled as a 'Hero' launch app by Stephen Elop for the new Nokia Lumia 1020, while it recently revealed its partnership with printing giant Xerox.

SNAPCAM is the disruptive photo app that allows users to create digital photo albums, which can then be shared, printed and delivered as physical albums.

Users can organise pictures into 'events' and share these with friends and family, who can add their own shots too. In a few clicks, these can be transformed into full colour, printed photo albums and delivered to many countries across the world.

The app integrates directly with third party photo sources, including Facebook. It also offers photo enhancement, allowing users to filter, edit, crop and add finishing touches to their photos before sending them to print.

The partnership will see SecureTrading processing payments from across the globe, with the service going live in 40 countries. On top of the payment gateway, SecureTrading will also provide a suite of bespoke counter-fraud services.

The payment processor boasts an unrivalled 100% API uptime, and is well versed in handling a range of payments methods and currencies from all over the world.

Steve Hayward, CEO at SNAPCAM said: "Steve Hayward, CEO at SNAPCAM said: "By working with SecureTrading we have brought to life our 'thinking globally, acting locally' ethos and developed it beyond having an environmentally sensitive product. By being able to provide competitive, locally sensitive pricing in local currency to all our territories, we are helping to drive the physical photo revival globally."

Justin Fraser, head of sales and marketing said: "SNAPCAM is one of the few apps that has immediate global appeal. There's no doubt it is going to explode in popularity, and we're relishing the opportunity to support SNAPCAM and add value to the business throughout its growth." 

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