Seamless payments comes to Windows Phone

Source: Seamless

Seamless payment solution for mobile telephones, SEQR, is to be launched for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone, and will be integrated with Windows Phone Wallet.

This launch will take place 2013 under the terms of an agreement between Seamless, listed on Nasdaq OMX, and Microsoft.

Seamless was founded in 2001 in Sweden, and now has a presence in around 30 countries. The launch of SEQR on Windows platforms is strategically important in order to consolidate the position of Seamless as the leader for mobile payments. SEQR will be implemented in Microsoft's app-stores, Windows Store and Windows Phone Store in all Seamless markets in 2013.

The integration with Windows Phone Wallet opens up new opportunities not only for payments but also for value-adding services such as offers, loyalty programmes, purchase history, and integration with the stores' own apps.

"Offering SEQR via tablets and telephones with Microsoft technology is completely in line with our ambition to extend SEQR Mobile Payment to as many users as possible, and to establish it as one of the global standards for mobile payments," says Peter Fredell, CEO and President of Seamless.

"Our assessment is that Windows platforms for apps will grow in line with increases in market share. Supporting the platform and Windows Phone Wallet will enable us to reach a larger customer base," says Peter Fredell.

"SEQR meets our high level of ambition regarding simplicity, user-friendliness and security, and also ensures a strong and growing business for the companies. We are pleased they have chosen our platform and Windows Phone Wallet as a market place for these particular added values," says Urban Falk, Business Development Manager at Microsoft Sweden. 

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