Harland and eLynx partner to bring paperless workflow to LaserPro customers

Source: Harland Financial Solutions

Harland Financial Solutions announced today that clients using the LaserPro compliant loan origination, processing and documentation solution now can take advantage of new services resulting from an expanded alliance with eLynx.

This offering supports Harland Financial Solutions' continued focus on compliant lending expertise, while meeting the growing demand of the financial services industry to provide document collaboration and paperless lending for consumers and businesses.

In addition to an existing breadth of functionality, including origination and processing and state-specific compliance expertise, institutions using the LaserPro software now can realize the benefits of a streamlined paperless workflow. Documents created in LaserPro can be delivered and signed electronically by recipients who are not physically present in the branch or office. This can result in a significant increase in operational efficiency and cost savings. Additionally, documents are automatically printed and mailed if a regulatory deadline is nearing, minimizing the compliance risk for the lender.

"We remain committed to focusing on compliance and increasing the strength of LaserPro," said Scott Hansen, executive vice president, business development at Harland Financial Solutions. "Our mission is to continue to deliver a best-in-class compliant lending solution that keeps up technologically with the demands of an ever-changing industry, and this expanded alliance with eLynx does just that."

The companies have an existing alliance surrounding Harland Financial Solutions' E3® mortgage origination system. eLynx, a provider of eFulfillment solutions to the financial services industry, is very optimistic about the growth of the relationship.

"Given our success with Harland Financial Solutions' E3 mortgage origination client base, the tight integration with LaserPro was a logical next step," said Andy Crisenbery, senior vice president, business operations for eLynx. "LaserPro clients now have the ability to deliver, sign, and collaborate on documents via electronic channels using eLynx Expedite. As a result, transactions with customers and third-parties are more efficient, compliance risk is reduced, and document tracking allows for a more thorough and streamlined lending workflow."

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