Harland signs Brentwood Bank and Pacific Crest to PhoenixEFE

Source: Harland Financial Systems

Harland Financial Solutions announced that its PhoenixEFE enterprise solution has been chosen by Brentwood Bank, based in Bethel Park, Pa., and Pacific Crest Savings Bank, based in Lynnwood, Wash.

The PhoenixEFE solution is an integrated enterprise software platform that brings together Harland Financial Solutions' real-time core processing solution with the company's market-leading specialized applications. Its capabilities span the functions of the financial institution's entire enterprise.

In addition to PhoenixEFE Core, the banks purchased numerous integrated solutions, including the LaserPro® suite for compliant loan documents, the CreditQuest® solution for commercial loan risk management, Touché® Analyzer for business intelligence, the Cavion® suite, which includes Internet banking, business banking, mobile banking and voice banking, ActiveView® Content Management, Item Processing Services, FMS financial accounting software, uBanking™ for online account opening and funding, and card payments solutions.

Brentwood Bank cited strong integration among existing and new channel solutions with PhoenixEFE Core, increased efficiency, cost savings and improved customer service as the primary reasons for partnering with Harland Financial Solutions.

"With PhoenixEFE, we expect more streamlined customer management capabilities that will help us not only serve our customers more effectively, but also better understand and maintain the total customer relationship," said Craig Reisz, vice president and CTO of Brentwood Bank. "Features made possible through tight integration of Harland Financial Solutions' core and channel solutions, like eliminating duplicate entry, the ability to automatically generate Microsoft® Outlook e-mail and calendar functions and gaining visibility into customer self-service channel usage like never before, will help us improve efficiency, better serve customers and remain competitive."

Pacific Crest Savings Bank selected Harland Financial Solutions' PhoenixEFE Core primarily based on its modern, Microsoft-centric architecture, enhanced commercial functionality and integration among all Harland Financial Solutions products.

"As an independently-owned community bank, it is essential that we provide the highest level of secure and convenient access to our products and services," said Sheryl Nilson, president and CEO of Pacific Crest Savings Bank. "We believe Harland Financial Solutions is the best partner to help us achieve our objective of providing the leading, most current technology for our clients. We also feel that the strong support for portfolio lending afforded by PhoenixEFE Core will help us gain a competitive advantage and increase market share."

"Once again, these banks cite the strength of our extended financial enterprise strategy to help them increase efficiency, gain market share and remain competitive," said Scott Hansen, executive vice president of business development at Harland Financial Solutions. "A modern, feature-rich solution like PhoenixEFE Core integrated with the wide breadth of channel solutions we offer provides unparalleled opportunities to retain and grow relationships, while remaining highly efficient."

Harland Financial Solutions' PhoenixEFE Core solution will be featured at the company's annual client conference, Connections 2013, being held in Nashville, Tenn. August 12-15, 2013. 

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