Fiserv certifies GRG International ATMs for Canadian market

Source: Fiserv

Fiserv, Inc., a leading global provider of financial services technology solutions, today announced that it has certified GRG International ATMs for the Canadian market.

Canadian financial institutions, retailers and independent sales organizations now have the opportunity to use GRG's state-of-the-art, EMV-compliant ATMs to process transactions through POSHnet™. POSHnet is a Canadian network gateway switching solution that was added to the Fiserv payments portfolio as part of the acquisition of Open Solutions, Inc. in January 2013.

GRG International offers GRG Banking ATMs, management software and related services in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, India, Mexico and now Canada. To introduce its ATMs into the Canadian market, GRG needed to certify them with a Canadian processor for use on the Interac, Visa® and MasterCard® payment networks. GRG chose POSHnet for its more than two decades of experience developing, implementing and supporting industry-standard payment transaction processing solutions for financial institutions, retailers and third-party organizations in Canada and around the world.

"Canada is a strategic market for GRG and we wanted to work with the best," said Brian Kett, North American president, GRG International. "Fiserv, through POSHnet, is an acknowledged leader in the Canadian payments industry and we couldn't have asked for a better certification and processing partner. Fiserv has the experience, expertise and solutions required to certify our devices and help our customers get the most out of their ATMs."

GRG ATMs have features that are attractive to financial institutions and upscale retail locations, at a price point that's affordable for independent sales organizations. Sleek on the outside, the cash machines are known for their superior engineering and robust software capability, offering a full complement of ATM functions. GRG ATMs employ the NDC message protocol and use only IP network communications. The modern, high-speed communications capabilities maximize performance, enabling seamless delivery of features such as on-screen advertising and marketing promotions.

"GRG's cutting-edge ATMs are a welcome addition to POSHnet, which boasts Canada's largest and most diverse range of certified devices," said Rob Palin, general manager, Canada, Open Solutions Division, Fiserv. "For GRG ATMs, and the terminal management, authorization and switching solutions needed to link them to your customers' accounts, look no further than Fiserv."

Fiserv is a leading provider of payments solutions to pay anyone, anytime and anywhere from virtually any device or channel. The Accel™ payments network from Fiserv is one of the fastest-growing payments networks in the industry with 55 million debit cardholders, 3,100 financial institutions, 340,000 ATMs and more than 3 million merchant locations. Fiserv processed more than 11 billion credit, debit and ATM card transactions in 2012. 

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