True Link Financial enlists i2c in protecting senior citizens' finances

Source: i2c

I2C Inc., a Silicon Valley-based provider of cloud payment processing and emerging commerce solutions, today announced that it is providing True Link Financial, a financial services company dedicated to protecting senior citizens against financial scams, with prepaid processing and advanced fraud mitigation services for its recently launched True Link prepaid card.

The True Link card is designed to protect senior citizens from financial scams and abuse while preserving their financial independence.

"Senior citizens lose billions each year to scams and dishonest marketing tactics," said Kai Stinchcombe, chief executive officer at True Link Financial. "We launched the True Link prepaid card to help senior citizens and their families fight back against these financial threats and protect their hard-earned life savings."

A unique feature of the card is the ability to personalize fraud settings and determine specific types of transactions to block. By offering this level of personalization, the True Link card can be tailored to address specific needs or vulnerabilities of individual senior citizens.

"Not all scams are the same," added Claire McDonnell, co-founder and chief product officer at True Link. "Vulnerable seniors are targeted by a wide range of scammers -- from fraudulent charities to sweepstakes to late-night callers posing as relatives. We wanted a way to prevent all of these with a single, customizable payment method."

Additional features, such as free customer service to resolve unauthorized charges and alerting family members of suspicious transactions via mobile text message, make the True Link prepaid card a valuable tool in safeguarding senior citizens' finances.

"We needed a processing partner that could support us in offering a personalized cardholder experience. We evaluated a large number of potential partners and found i2c to be the strongest. By relying on their capabilities, we're able to focus 100% on our core business of protecting seniors against fraud, knowing that the underlying system is secure, flexible and reliable," said Stinchcombe.

Patricia McPeak, vice president, product at i2c, says, "i2c is delighted to be working with True Link Financial as they use the power of prepaid and next-generation fraud mitigation technology to address the unmet financial needs of senior citizens and their family members." 

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