Leto Bank automates loan processing with SAS

Source: SAS

To manage high credit-risk services, such as cash loans and loans for purchases in partner stores, Leto Bank needed efficient and accurate loan decisions.

The bank chose SAS® Analytics to automate large quantities of loan application decisions to ensure success of its commercial operations.

Launched in 2012 as part of the VTB Group, Leto Bank needed proven analytics to evaluate a borrower's paying capacity and make quick loan decisions on the spot. "With SAS, we are confident we will meet our ambitious market development goals," said Olga Stepanova, Credit Director of Leto Bank. "With loan application processing speeds averaging two minutes, SAS will help us make faster decisions using effective credit risk indicators, so we can assist more people with their financial issues."

Having considered several solutions, Leto Bank chose SAS Credit Scoring for Banking and SAS Real-Time Decision Manager. "SAS' implementation speed and number of other bank customers were essential criteria for us," said Stepanova. "The SAS architecture lets us build the system gradually, step-by-step, so it evolves with business needs. We can integrate new modules without significant changes in the existing configuration."

Leto Bank will also use SAS Marketing Automation to integrate analytical CRM with loan decisions. "We intend to use risk evaluation models in marketing communications and base offers on the credit-risk level of specific customer segments," said Stepanova.

"Leto Bank is a good example how analytics can drive growth and help establish new business," said Valery Pankratov, Country Manager in SAS Russia/CIS.

Specialists from GlowByte, a SAS Russia/CIS partner, helped implement SAS Marketing Automation and SAS Real-Time Decision Manager at Leto Bank.

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