Thomson Reuters expands buy-side community on Eikon Messenger with FXall integration

Source: Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters, the world's leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, today announced that it has expanded the Eikon Messenger community on the buy-side through the integration of its FXall clients.

All FXall customers will now be able to seamlessly connect, interact and collaborate with Eikon Messenger's global community of 190,000 financial professionals directly from their FXall toolbar, via the latest release of FXall Trading.

Instant messaging has become a critical part of the financial community's price discovery and pre-trade operations. Instant messaging communities, however, are traditionally allied to a particular company or technology platform which can make them siloed, disparate and closed by design. As a result, financial markets professionals are currently limited to making contacts within their chosen messaging network or forced to manage the complexity of multiple messaging systems.

Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger is built on open-based standards and offers a secure, federated messaging system that through the integration of FXall further drives the Company's mission to more effectively bring together sell-side and buy-side communities. FXall clients, which account for approximatly 1,300 institutional firms across a range of traders, asset managers, corporate treasurers, broker-dealers, prime brokers, market makers and more, can now access the live feed of continuous cross-asset global macro data, news and market expert commentary available over Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger's 27 global chat forums. They will also be able to collaborate in real time with liquidity providers and colleagues through instant electronic conversations as well as create public or private communities from across a global network of over 190,000 financial professionals, from 170 countries.

"Financial professionals depend on instant messaging tools to interact with the wider financial community and want tools that allow them to interact, irrespective of their choice of provider. This is why we've always been focused on using open standards and with connecting with other widely used instant messaging systems," said David Craig, president of Fiinancial & Risk at Thomson Reuters. "By opening up Eikon Messenger to the FXall community we are enabling the sell-side and buy-side to communicate more efficiently within networks they already trust. This is about helping our customers find new counterparties and unearth new business opportunities whilst reducing complexity."

Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger (formerly Thomson Reuters Messenger) is an enterprise-level instant messaging and real-time collaboration solution, specifically designed for the financial markets. It is open to all financial markets professionals, regardless of the desktop they use, and available either via Thomson Reuters Eikon or as a standalone instant message tool. It allows financial professionals around the world to participate in a focused and authenticated community consisting of customers, colleagues and business counterparties. Members can exchange market information, ideas, insights and user-generated content securely, while benefitting from access to the breaking news and views of Reuters journalists through specific, editorial- and user-led communities such as the Global Markets Forum.

"The integration of Eikon Messenger with the latest version for FXall Trading unlocks a number of exciting opportunities for our clients," said Phil Weisberg, global head of FX at Thomson Reuters. "It not only broadens and diversifies the information available to our client base but also deepens their exposure to a wider community that can be tapped for their daily business trading operations in FX. It also builds on Thomson Reuters move towards bringing together the buy side and sell side to serve a broader universe of institutions with more competitive, compelling end-to-end solutions for the FX markets. 

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