Finjan Software releases Anti-Spyware Gateway system

Source: Finjan Software

Finjan Software, the leading provider of Internet security solutions for businesses of all sizes, today announces the launch of its dedicated Anti-Spyware Gateway Appliance, the only gateway solution able to detect unknown and targeted Spyware attacks and block them before they can infiltrate company networks.

These cost-effective, "plug-and-play" appliances are being offered for two market segments:

  • Vital Security Appliance NG-1700 for SMBs (25–500 users)
  • Vital Security Appliance NG-5700 for Mid-range Enterprises (501–20,000 users)

"Spyware is becoming a major security challenge, reaching epidemic proportions and being executed by sophisticated hackers motivated by financial reward with the explicit goal of remaining undetected for as long as possible. In line with this trend, we can expect to see an increasing number of targeted or personalized attacks (regional epidemics) against specific organizations, which cannot be detected by traditional security solutions," stated Arita Mattsoff, VP Marketing at Finjan. "Our new Anti-Spyware Gateway Appliances proactively detect unpublished and unknown spyware attacks without the need to install anti-spyware software on the desktop."

"With nine years of experience in the application-level behavior blocking domain, Finjan has honed its superior technology to stop all types of Spyware attacks at the gateway, preventing financial damage to businesses and organizations," concluded Mattsoff.

Utilizing customized capabilities derived from Finjan's patented next generation security technologies, the dedicated Anti-Spyware Gateway Appliances enable companies to protect their vital business assets from all types of Spyware, without compromising productivity or performance. Finjan's solution lets companies avoid the performance degradation, reduced productivity, helpdesk and cleanup costs resulting from Spyware, as well as the damages resulting from theft of confidential information and liability due to privacy violations.

Finjan's Anti-Spyware Gateway Appliances directly address the increasing demand from both mid-range enterprises and SMBs for cost-effective, out-of-the-box solutions that effectively and proactively combat Spyware, without affecting their business-critical Internet applications. These appliances are the only gateway-based anti-spyware solutions that operate at the application level to block known and unknown Spyware attacks that can easily elude existing anti-spyware, firewall and anti-virus solutions.

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