Billtrust launches power package bundle

Source: Billtrust

Billtrust, the leader in Customer Centric Billing, today announced the availability of a new service bundle that creates significantly greater cost efficiencies in a company's billing process.

Called the "Power Package," the bundle combines three of Billtrust's most popular services—Invoice Central, Print/Mail Services and CustomerCare—into a single package that is implemented with a 60-day setup guarantee.

Billtrust's new Power Package, suitable for companies of all sizes, lowers cost and increases efficiency at virtually every point in the billing process. Specific services and their advantages include:
• Invoice Central, the leading cloud-based business invoice network, is an all-in-one online solution for electronic billing and payment. With Invoice Central, users can get paid faster, lower their billing costs, and offer a "green" alternative to traditional billing.
• Printing/Mailing Services from Billtrust provides both cost savings and greater customer service through its network of eight North American printing/mailing locations. SmartRouting™ technology automatically determines the location from which each bill should be printed and mailed in order to minimize delivery time.
• CustomerCare is Billtrust's online portal that gives billers comprehensive visibility into their billing activity. Users can track all aspects of the billing process in real time, from file processing to bill delivery to payment; furthermore, with a single click, staffers can resend bills, accept payments and track payment activity.

"Billtrust's overriding mission is to help companies realize greater efficiencies in their billing processes. Our new Power Package is the fastest way for any business to comprehensively upgrade their billing function," said Mitch Rose, Vice President of Marketing for Billtrust. "In 60 days or less, the Power Package can transform a company's billing activity, giving customers the mix of options they want—including a safe and secure online billing and payment alternative—while also providing disaster recovery and better billing management."

As part of its new bundle, Billtrust is offering a "Go Live Guarantee": if the customer is live with the Power Package within 60 days from signing, Billtrust will rebate the plan's setup fee. Billtrust does nearly all the installation work, ensuring that Power Package will be implemented as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Billtrust's Power Package is now available for new and existing customers. 

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