SecureNet launches checkout tool for e-merchants

Source: SecureNet Payment Systems

SecureNet Payment Systems, the most innovative payment technology operating system directly connected to the major card networks, now offers SecureCheckout, a simple, secure and customizable solution that enables merchants to add payment buttons and/or checkout pages and start selling online in a matter of minutes without the need for a development staff.

SecureCHECKOUT's flexibility and ease of use makes it an ideal do-it-yourself option for businesses of all sizes. SecureCHECKOUT requires no developer skills or third-party developer implementation and can have merchants selling online in minutes while expanding their reach to new customers.

The solution offers three levels of payment options to accommodate varying payment needs, including: secure payment buttons, checkout pages and customized shopping cart solutions. Beginners can quickly sell a single item online or collect donations by adding secure "Pay Now" and "Donate Now" buttons to their existing website or easily create a secure checkout page to send customers to if they don't already have a website.

More advanced users can sell multiple items online by deploying and integrating a complete shopping cart solution into their website. Merchants can simply copy and paste automatically generated code into their existing website and quickly embed a customized shopping cart into their existing website through an iframe.

All SecureCHECKOUT solutions are fully PCI-compliant and can help reduce a merchant's PCI compliance liability. By capturing and storing credit card data in SecureNet's fully encrypted data centers, we effectively eliminate the need for merchants to house sensitive data in their own local environments.

SecureCHECKOUT's main features and benefits include:
• The generation of additional revenue and increased exposure to new customers. SecureCHECKOUT enables merchants to charge different prices based on size, color, quantity or any other product distinction.
• Real-time reporting and transaction email alerts on all transactions to help merchants make smarter decisions based on trending and business analysis.
• Increased customer conversions by keeping customers on your website throughout the entire seamless shopping and checkout process.
• The collection of valuable customer insight and downloadable data reports for targeted marketing opportunities. Merchants can add customized fields to capture valuable customer data at checkout and download detailed customer reports. 

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