CyberSource adds ScanAlert technology for PCI compliance

Source: CyberSource

CyberSource Corporation (Nasdaq: CYBS) has teamed with ScanAlert, Inc. to provide online merchants with security scanning services, a key component of certification to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI.

PCI is the unified security standard developed by major card associations that requires online merchants to implement appropriate safeguards and security procedures to protect sensitive cardholder information. Offered as the CyberSource PCI Scanning Service, the ScanAlert technology enhances the CyberSource PCI Compliance Service, which helps merchants navigate the comprehensive requirements of PCI.

To meet the PCI standard, all organizations processing 20,000 or more eCommerce transactions per year must obtain quarterly scans of their network security by a certified scanning vendor. Network scans are designed to detect vulnerabilities in the merchant's network and other potential sources of intrusions. Merchants that purchase the CyberSource PCI Scanning Service can run programmed scans and unlimited manual scans as necessary using the ScanAlert technology included in the CyberSource PCI Scanning Service.

"ScanAlert's technology provides an advanced array of network vulnerability scanning capabilities to assess the security of online merchants," said David Glaser, senior director of Professional Services at CyberSource. "Combining ScanAlert's certified PCI scanning technology with our full range of professional services will allow us to help companies, large and small, successfully attain PCI compliance."

In the case of CyberSource's full PCI Compliance Service, a professional services team analyzes end-to-end payment operations and guides merchants through three proven readiness phases: compliance planning, pre-audit assessment, and remediation.

"CyberSource is well known in the payment industry for its one-stop delivery of the full suite of international eCommerce requirements. We are excited to be working with them to provide merchants with a reliable, easy-to- use, low cost program to meet the PCI scanning standard," added ScanAlert CEO Ken Leonard.

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