Lemon launches mobile payment tool to connect merchants to wallet users

Source: Lemon

Mobile wallet provider Lemon today launched Lemon Network. This new mobile payment tool enhances the existing Lemon Wallet to make it interactive with merchants' mobile apps.

The Lemon Network makes mobile payments convenient and safe for both the consumer and merchant. Consumers that have the Lemon Wallet app will be able to make purchases from merchants with the Lemon Network without having to re-enter their credit card information each time. Plus, consumers can use the credit card of their choice, since the Lemon Network accepts multiple credit cards. Both the Lemon Network, which is offered to merchants via a free software development kit, and the Lemon Wallet are free and easy for consumers to use.

“We see the Lemon Network as a true step forward in the mobile payment space,” said Lemon Chief Sales Officer Jenna Wyer. “Consumers will quickly see the benefit of using the Lemon Network for mobile shopping as well as web shopping. They can update their credit card information in one place—the Lemon Wallet—so any card being used via the Lemon Network to make purchases is always an updated card, not expired. Plus, the individual merchants are not storing consumers’ cards, Lemon is. This means consumer transactional identity is being stored in just one location, not on multiple merchant apps, making mobile and web shopping safer and simpler.”

Wyer continued, “An added benefit of both the Lemon Network and Lemon Wallet is receipt storage. We’re confident that users and merchants alike will appreciate the convenience that the Lemon Network offers in conjunction with Lemon Wallet by sending receipts directly to the user’s app, simplifying the payment experience to a one-tap process.”

In addition to credit cards, users can also store merchant rewards cards, identification and insurance cards in the Lemon Wallet.

Lemon Network’s simple SDK boosts conversions at checkout, a primary benefit for merchants. Merchants’ ability to communicate to their customers via the Lemon Network can help decrease chargebacks and refunds since consumers can get clarification on questionable transactions and other billing inquiries and requests directly through the Lemon Wallet.

Local payment methods are becoming increasingly important to companies that primarily conduct sales via mobile payments, so the Lemon Network is integrating payments to U.S. processors first with international processors to follow shortly. This will make the Lemon Network the first mobile payment processor to work internationally.

“The Lemon Network can bring great value to merchants as the first and only checkout tool with the ability to maximize checkout conversions and international capabilities on the way,” said Wyer. “With a straightforward SDK that is easy to implement for marketers and developers with little programming background, the Lemon Network is one of the smartest and simplest ways to enhance your brand’s mobile payment experience.”

Wyer, who recently joined Lemon as the Chief Sales Officer, will play an integral role in building partnership opportunities for Lemon Network. Wyer was previously part of the founding team of Braintree Payments. As Vice President of Sales, and employee number three, she was responsible for acquiring their largest and fastest growing merchants. She graduated from the University of Illinois with Honours in Media Communications.

“Jenna’s experience helping companies including AirBnb, LivingSocial, Hotel Tonight and Uber with payments since their early stages makes her an excellent fit to lead the sales strategy and execution for Lemon Network,” said Lemon Founder and CEO Wences Casares.

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