CaixaBank launches bill management service

Source: CaixaBank

CaixaBank, Spain's leading bank by market share, has today launched ReciBox, a direct debit management service that uses all the latest developments in online banking, mobile banking and data analysis in order to simplify bill management.

ReciBox is the first service from a Spanish bank that notifies customers before bills are charged to their accounts, which can help to avoid any problems in the event, for example, of an unusually large bill or insufficient balance funds.

ReciBox is a multi-device application, compatible with all computers, mobiles or tablets, and is opened via the CaixaBank online banking channel. It is exclusively available free of charge to customers of the CaixaBank multiEstrella loyalty program.

The service automatically sorts customers' bills (water, electricity, telephone, rent, school, gym, etc.) and provides all information in an easy-to-view and fully intuitive display.

Furthermore, ReciBox includes tools to support comprehensive bill management prior to payment: it features a calendar and an automatic notification system, while allowing customers to choose how they wish to manage direct debits before they are charged to their accounts. For example, users may opt to pay using different accounts, to pay in instalments, to return the bill, etc.

Managing direct debits to avoid unpleasant surprises

ReciBox is structured into different blocks:
• Thanks to innovation in data analysis and interaction with mobile services, ReciBox can provide automatic notifications (via SMS or email), which are sent to customers when it detects an unusually large bill or one that exceeds available funds.
• ReciBox allows users to personalise how their bills are classified and how information is displayed. The service features a fully customisable control panel, where customers can view full information on recently paid bills, forthcoming payable bills, bills that require the customer's attention, any notifications that have been configured, the details of billing companies and a search engine. A series of categories have been set up to automatically categorise bills. Customers can also create new categories and edit the existing ones.
• ReciBox features a calendar to help users plan future payments.
• ReciBox also provides contact details for the major billing companies, making it easy for customers to submit enquiries. It also offers a complementary and specialised management service to help customers to process cancellations, queries and complaints.

In the design stage, CaixaBank took into account suggestions submitted by customers via the "Inspíranos" community, which is run by the bank to encourage customers to participate in innovation projects. This platform allows customers to submit ideas and suggestions for new products and services or to improve existing ones.

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