Adquira Mexico selects Inetco Insight to manage payments network

Source: Inetco

Inetco Systems Limited, a leading provider of transaction-centric application performance monitoring (APM) software, today announced Adquira Mexico S.A. de C.V., a subsidiary of BBVA Bancomer and Telefonica Movistar, has chosen Inetco Insight to deliver exceptional service reliability and efficiently manage its rapidly expanding payments operations network within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

Adquira will use INETCO Insight to monitor all their e-commerce payments and value added mobile service transactions in Mexico.

Adquira has more than ten years experience providing highly reliable payment solutions to governments and over 500 corporations within Latin America. Services include the development of customized POS, mobile and Internet payment applications, integrated with core enterprise systems for electronic billing, deposit and transfer of funds, information retrieval and the recharge of services such as airtime Movistar, Internet and SMS.

Adquira also provides the secure, cloud-based payments infrastructure their customers rely on to process transactions. With INETCO Insight, Adquira's Operations Group can now isolate the root cause of any transaction slowdown or failure within their AWS infrastructure in seconds, delivering a more consistent end user experience across all their services and payments channels.

"The INETCO Insight solution aligns with Adquira's ultimate goal of ensuring that every transaction initiated from any device connected to the Internet is completed with a high level of security, reliability and efficiency," says Aimee Bala, Operations Director at Adquira Mexico S.A. de C.V. "By obtaining end-to-end visibility into the payment operations infrastructure, it becomes much easier and faster for our team to identify and absolve performance issues affecting consumer satisfaction, even those that occur in a third party, cloud or customer environment."

The sale of INETCO Insight to Adquira was orchestrated through INETCO's partner, Bowman Technologies, Inc.

"INETCO Insight enhances customer service reliability by providing visibility into components where traditional appliance-based instrumentation is impossible," said Juan Manuel Vázquez, Director of Operations at Bowman Technologies. "In the case of Adquira, these components include critical applications and networks that reside in v in virtual, cloud, third party service, and customer environments. INETCO Insight's unique ability to capture and correlate hop-by-hop response times for every individual transaction, even those hops located within the Amazon Web Services cloud, enables Adquira to set real-time alerts on unexpected response codes, host connection time outs, supplier offline scenarios or TCP disconnects. This level of intelligence was non-accessible without hours of manual labor and multiple tools prior to INETCO Insight."

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