Uniastrum, Russia deploys BPC SmartVista for payments processing

Source: BPC Banking Technologies

The Bank has kick-started a project to enhance the functionality of its processing center using a SmartVista product suite developed by BPC Banking Technologies, the world's leading provider of e-payment solutions for the global financial industry.

Uniastrum's comprehensive overhaul of its processing center is just part of a major rollout strategy initiated by the Bank geared toward designing and marketing new card-based products, expanding customer services, developing online banking, improving electronic payment solutions and the operation of its extensive ATM and payment kiosk network.

By harnessing the new system, the Bank will be able to offer customers state-of-the-art banking cards, enhance the functionality of its Internet solutions by making personal accounts easier to use, and, before long, provide them with new services, including mobile and sms-banking. Utilizing the SmartVista suite will also mean employing the 3D-Secure protocol, thereby ensuring an additional security layer for online transactions using Uniastrum credit and debit cards.

"Our task as far as developing our retail segment is concerned is to ensure that we're a bank that millions of customers can totally rely on and that we're always there to help them with any financial matter. That's why we are constantly working to come up with new products, deploy the very latest technologies, and expand our client services," says Susanna Uzunyan, member of Uniastrum's Management Board and head of the Retail Product Design and Development Division "Updating our processing center is just another step to achieving our goal, and implementing this project will create a wide range of new possibilities for us and our customers alike."

"We're delighted to be helping Uniastrum Bank to upgrade its processing system and thus enable it to cut the time taken to get its innovative card products onto the market," notes Vasily Grigoriev, Managing Director of BPC Banking Technologies. "By enhancing functionality using the SmartVista product suite, the Bank will be better placed to press ahead with its plans to upsize card volumes, optimize the operations of all its online banking solutions, and offer customers new high-quality services." 

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