Singapore toughens risk management guidelines

Source: Monetary Authority of Singapore

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) today issued the Technology Risk Management (TRM) Notice and Guidelines.

The TRM Guidelines aim to provide comprehensive guidance on the establishment of sound technology risk management and security practices to address existing and emerging technology risks within the financial industry. This set of enhanced Guidelines replaces the existing MAS Internet Banking and Technology Guidelines as well as past circulars on IT risk management, and applies to all financial institutions (FIs).

In addition, MAS has issued a Notice which defines a set of legal requirements relating to technology risk management for FIs. These include requirements for a high level of reliability, availability and recoverability of critical IT systems and for FIs to implement IT controls to protect customer information from unauthorised access or disclosure.

MAS took into account feedback from our public consultation in June 2012 and revised the Notice and Guidelines where appropriate

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