Wallaby adds Foursquare integration to iPhone app

Source: Wallaby

We are excited and proud to release Version 2.0 of Wallaby for the iPhone today. Our new release has a long list of brand new features all accessed through a great new interface. You'll find it faster and easier than ever before to maximize rewards and gain control over your credit cards.

The new version improves personalization, accuracy and ease of use across the board. Connect your Wallaby Wallet to your credit card accounts and the app will track your monthly, quarterly and annual credit card spend minimums, credit limits and APRs.

The app lets you choose your levelof input. If you're the sort that likes to dive in, you can set your own values for loyalty points and activate bank bonuses to manage rewards at a granular level. Alternatively, you can let the app's automated features do the work so that your cards are managed with minimal input.

Wallaby 2.0 for iPhone users can now also receive alerts on pending promotions through a redesigned interface. Plus, more advanced and accurate geolocation services to identify local stores and associated credit card reward or cash back deals

As with our Android app, the Wallaby iPhone app is integrated with Foursquare to provide instant notifications on which of your credit cards offers the best rewards for any purchase type and location.

For our Android users, more updates are on their way soon! 

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