Vasco embeds authentication device into credit card

Source: Vasco

VASCO Data Security International, Inc. (VDSI), a leading software security company specializing in authentication products and services, today announced a new addition to its DIGIPASS e-signature portfolio with DIGIPASS 280, offering strong authentication in a convenient slim design.

DIGIPASS 280 provides a comprehensive transaction data signing and authentication solution that banks and other organizations can use to effectively combat Internet fraud by replacing static or paper-based password systems with dynamic one-time passwords (OTPs) and e-signatures that are calculated with DIGIPASS algorithms. The e-signature functionality offers the best protection against man-in-the-middle and similar fraud schemes.

Its unique size allows the authenticator to be customized with an electronic EMV chip or magnetic strip encoding to turn the authentication device into a regular debit, credit or ATM card. By leveraging the authentication device, banks can increasingly enhance their brand image while consequently boosting customer trust and loyalty.

DIGIPASS 280 supports up to four different native time-based applications: two OTP and two e-signature applications. The OTP-applications generate strong dynamic passwords with a limited validity. With a simple push on the button, DIGIPASS 280 displays an OTP each time a user wants to remotely log on to an application, website or network. The two applications each use their own cryptographic secret to calculate the OTPs which greatly enhances security. Banks can opt to use one OTP-application exclusively for online banking purposes and to use the other to secure e-commerce transactions for instance.

The e-signature applications require data field validation from the user in order to generate an e-signature. For regular transactions, the user will typically validate the amount in order to complete the transaction signature. For higher risk transactions, the second application can be used requiring additional field validation such as an account number to strengthen security.

The authenticator is equipped with a high contrast LCD, a dedicated power button and a 12-button touch keypad providing an intuitive user experience. DIGIPASS 280 can be fully customized displaying the company's corporate identityy and branding.

"We are pleased to announce this latest addition to our e-signature product gamma," says Jan Valcke, President and COO of VASCO Data Security. "With the introduction of a strong authenticator in an ultra slim design, we have developed an ultimate user-friendly solution that offers strong protection against unauthorized access, phishing plots and man-in-the-middle fraud schemes. DIGIPASS 280 reinforces our financial solutions offering, enabling banks and financial organizations to incorporate strong authentication in a debit, credit or ATM card and to leverage their authentication investment."

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