Zipmark integrates with WorkingPoint small business management platform

Source: Zipmark

Zipmark™, a pioneer in mobile and online payments, today announced that it has partnered with WorkingPoint, a leading online small business management platform.

Details of the partnership include extending Zipmark's secured digital check platform to WorkingPoint's entire customer base, which will allow their small business customers the opportunity to collect payments online by simply enabling Zipmark's digital check option within WorkingPoint. By switching to Zipmark eChecks, WorkingPoint customers can now get paid by their clients as early as the next business morning after submitting an invoice, rather than the extended timeframe involved with accepting paper check payments.

The primary purpose of Zipmark is to improve accounts receivables and payables for small businesses as many firms are still stuck using paper checks as a result of exorbitant transaction fees associated with other types of payment platforms. Zipmark's transaction fee is only 1% with a $5 cap. With Zipmark digital checks, small businesses can literally send an invoice to a customer on a Monday and receive good funds deposited directly into a business's operating account on Tuesday morning.

"WorkingPoint customers are a perfect example of how a small business can use Zipmark to get paid significantly faster and still keep checks as their #1 source of payments," said Jay Bhattacharya, CEO and co-founder of Zipmark. "Paper checks aren't bad, they're just outdated when you consider how much easier, faster and safer a small business owner can get paid in today's digital environment using Zipmark."

"WorkingPoint works with thousands of small businesses that are still stuck receiving paper checks in the mail and so it was a very easy decision on our part to offer Zipmark to our customers," said Paul Sednaoui, Director of Marketing at WorkingPoint. "Our customers are frustrated with the delays and the hassles of dealing with traditional payments. We decided to integrate Zipmark as a payment option on the invoices our customers create because Zipmark enables our clients to receive funds quickly and for a fraction of the administrative cost of processing paper checks."

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