Bundesbank approves Wincorf teller safes for customer cash recycling

Source: Wincor Nixdorf

The German Bundesbank has approved three automated teller safe models with recycling function from Wincor Nixdorf to be used as customer-operated cash recycling machines.

The systems - from the CINEO C6030 and C6040 to the C6050 - thus meet the requirements of the European Central Bank in accordance with the ECB framework. As a result, bank customers will, for the first time, not only be able to withdraw banknotes directly from the ATS, but also deposit them into the system.

The high costs of cash processing, but even more so the desire to step up personal contact with the customer, mean that the automated teller safe has experienced an unforeseen renaissance over the past few years - primarily in the recycling variant. The staff-assisted withdrawal concept has already led not only to a higher security standard in the branches, but has also reduced the volume of cash in the branches. And the workflows are also streamlined; difference reconciliation and manual detection of counterfeits are practically no longer required. In addition, as recyclers the ATSs are a key component in the closed cash cycle within a branch and throughout the entire branch network.

Approval of the ECB-compliant ATS cash recyclers from Wincor Nixdorf as customer-operated banknote dispensers by the Bundesbank has now led to a significant expansion of the range of functions. This also opens up the option of developing completely new branch formats. These modern versions of a customer-operated banknote dispenser form the core element for branch types operating on a small and efficient basis that would not have otherwise been feasible from a financial standpoint due to the high personnel costs. It is, however, particularly the small(est) branch that achieves top ratings in customer satisfaction studies thanks to its clear and decentralized structure. Nevertheless, the flexibility to address customers personally, provide individual consulting and competent support can only be provided by relieving staff of routine tasks.

ECB-compliant banknote handling, in other words primarily validation and fitness testing of the banknotes, and the associated processes, allows customers to initiate deposits and withdrawals themselves. To this end this ATS type is turned to face the customers so that they can start their transactions on the system via touchscreen. The data is then forwarded to the service employee for final processing. As a result, this employee can look after several ATSs without, for example, having to necessarily personally intervene in a deposit. The time saved for the employees spares customers not least long waiting times when depositing and withdrawing cash.

The customer-operated CINEO ATS concept doesn't just allow significant savings to be made in the personnel area, according to Wincor Nixdorf calculations. Interest benefits through lower cash balances and reduced cash-in-transit costs will also be achieved, even if this is currently only to a lesser extent. But the biggest advantage lies in the support for increased sales activities, irrespective of the branch size, through the transition at the branch from processing to consulting.

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