FCM360 expands UK footprint within Equinix LD4 datacentre

Source: FCM360

FCM360, the leading provider of managed datacenter solutions for high-frequency, low-latency trading has expanded its footprint in the United Kingdom within the Equinix LD4 datacenter.

By expanding its presence within LD4, FCM360 is able to serve hundreds of additional financial trading clients and provide them with the same protection and redundancy that governments mandate for international banks and Fortune 500 Companies. This gives smaller trading firms that rely on FCM360 access to the level of infrastructure, redundancy and low latency typical of Goldman Sachs, Barclays, JP Morgan and others.

FCM360 expanded its facility in Equinix's data centers in Slough, England, 22 miles west of London. Slough is more resilient to power outages and less vulnerable to terrorist or other events that can disrupt trading. Given the critical importance of the center, the precise location is kept confidential.

The LD4/5 location provides access to dozens of liquidity providers, matching engines and more than 35 carrier networks as well as the London Internet Exchange (LINX). This provides FCM360 clients with low latency cross-connect capabilities to the world's largest community of execution venues and other financial market participants. This enables them to exchange data more efficiently, decrease execution times and increase trading volumes.

High-frequency, low-latency trading, which relies on complex algorithms and super fast data connections to facilitate trading in microseconds, has grown tremendously during the past decade and has been credited with providing market liquidity and price discovery.

LD4 and NY4 are the most sought-after locations to trade and distribute financial data and are the most appropriate locations for FCM360 to offer its low latency financial cloud service. FCM360's Jubin Pejman notes, "Our low-latency network provides the fastest routes between all of its hosting hubs including 32.5-millisecond latency between New York NY4 and London LD4 and 4.24 milliseconds between London LD4 and Frankfurt FR2 datacenters. These are the fastest latencies available between these routes. With these speeds, trading houses that replace existing and more expensive infrastructure with our financial cloud are assured that the networking and processing latency will meet or exceed their existing deployment."

FCM360's managed proximity hosting solutions are ideal for Low-Latency Trading, Automated Trading, Algorithmic Trading, High-Frequency Trading and Exchange Access. Says Pejman, "Our low-latency network and managed hosting services provide traders with the easiest way to connect to brokers and liquidity with one underlying technology provider. The FCM360 financial cloud ensures that the cost and effort to maintain low latency trading infrastructure is within reach."

FCM360's decision to bypass high-risk datacenters in the City of London and Docklands London, where there has been an enormous growth of IP networks, mirrors its earlier move to circumvent New York City with an internet ring around the city to mitigate risk. During Super Storm Sandy, for example, FCM360 provided continuous up time for its financial trading customers and will be able to avoid future disruptions.

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