Nasdaq OMX upgrades Microsoft Windows 8 edition of Directors Desk

Source: Nasdaq OMX

The Nasdaq OMX Group, Inc. (NDAQ) today upgraded the Microsoft Windows 8 Edition of Directors Desk, the industry-leading managed communication portal for corporate boards.

Directors Desk is currently the only board portal offering a Windows 8(R) application. These upgrades include several design and feature enhancements to significantly improve the usability of the application for board members and other corporate clients.

"This upgrade is a significant milestone in advancing NASDAQ OMX's mobile presence via our Directors Desk solution," said Demetrios Skalkotos, Senior Vice President, Corporate Solutions, NASDAQ OMX. "With over 900 boards and 25,000 users world-wide operating on our Directors Desk platform, we are truly the global leaders in the board portal space. This upgrade underscores our commitment to deliver the finest product in the industry."

The Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 8 Edition of Directors Desk was redesigned to improve usability and overall user experience. Specific upgrades include:


  • Redesigned to improve usability and overall user experience
  • User photo displayed with user name on dashboard
  • Symantec Zoom available for quick desktop navigation
  • Action Items Hub to quickly see Votes, New & Updated Meetings, as well as Unread Messages
  • Meetings Hub displays upcoming meetings and events
  • Meetings Page offers a filtered view of past and future meetings
  • Meeting Details Page displays meeting details, location map, meeting materials, and roster with quick Secure Email links to streamline communication
  • Documents Hub displays downloaded documents with color and icon elements to quickly determine media type
  • Documents Page offers a filtered view of documents by media type
  • Search screen offers a filtered view of available documents by media type
  • Contacts Hub provides roster contact information and messaging links
  • Secure Email Hub shows the most recent emails in your inbox
  • Secure Email center allows users to view as well as compose messages using Directors Desk Secure Email functionality


  • Multi-platform registration now supported for directors who need to access board material on multiple platforms (US, EU, Asia)
  • Directors Desk Secure email is now available
  • Note and Annotation shuttling: support to shuttle notes and annotations made on within the Directors Desk Windows 8 Edition application to the newest compiled iteration of meeting materials
  • Support for Portrait mode
  • In-Document search supported with navigable results list
  • Upper navigation bar for quick navigation through application available on all screens except document reader
  • Introduction of Done button on annotation toolbar to improve workflow
  • Introduction of Undo button on annotation toolbar to improve workflow
  • Auto download of meeting materials is now configurable with options to download 14 or 30 days ahead as well as an option to disable
  • TOC / Notes / Find panel in reader relocated to optimize usability
  • Support for links in Meeting Details or Call-In Details
  • Search screen allows for the multi-selection of files for download
  • Search screen displays indicator of whether files have already been downloaded
  • Documents screen allows for the multi-selection of files for quick deletion
  • Contacts screen allows for multi-selection of contacts for quick Secure Email recipient list creation 

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