Malaysia plans unlisted securities market

Source: Securities Commission Malaysia

Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) today shared with the industry a conceptual framework for an unlisted market, Malaysia's first online platform to trade unlisted securities and alternative investment products (MyULM).

The online trading platform for unlisted market, which is being developed in consultation with key stakeholders including government agencies and the private sector, is one of the measures identified under the Capital Market Masterplan 2 to address the need of an unlisted securities platform to supply long-term risk capital and expand the financing base for innovation and local enterprises.

Over 100 market participants attended an industry briefing held at the SC this afternoon.

The platform envisions to be a one-stop gateway for capital raising and trading of securities of start-up companies and small-to-medium sized entities. Going by a modular and phased approach, the platform can also accommodate various alternative investment products, once their respective legal frameworks for trading are established.

Taking advantage of technology and social media tools, the framework will be supported by an Infomediary platform to provide vital linkages and services for an integrated virtual market place.

Collectively, the online trading and Infomediary platforms will connect the capital market to various alternative investments products, including innovative ventures, creative works and socially responsible investments. The platform will also compliment and support various development efforts and initiatives currently led by both government agencies and the private sector.

The SC has also called upon interested parties to submit their proposals to operate the platform.

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