Hyperfeed launches market data platform based on Telerate technology

Source: HyperFeed Technologies

HyperFeed Technologies Inc. (OTCBB:HYPR), In May 2005, HyperFeed Technologies entered into an exclusive agreement with Moneyline Telerate, since acquired by Reuters, to license globally in perpetuity the source code for both Telerate's Trading Room System (TRS) and Active8 technology.

Under the terms of the license, HyperFeed is entitled to use and further develop the TRS technology and the Active8 technology to offer its own market data platform and associated data display workstation worldwide.

Based on the TRS technology, HyperFeed is launching HyperFeed Market Data Platform (HMDP) product. TRS technology is considered among the most architecturally open platforms available. Derived from a proven market data distribution platform that interfaces many different data feeds, HMDP integrates market data from many source into many types of display or application software - transactional, web distribution, risk management, or other mid- and back-office system. At its core is a high performance messaging system, generating extremely high levels of efficiency and reliability. Its producer/consumer model keeps the sources and the client applications independent, and its distributed and location independent architecture avoids single points of failure. The system offers sophisticated permission and data management functions. HyperFeed's HMDP API allows for distribution of market data and other services to users outside of the trading room.

Based on the Active8 technology, HyperFeed is launching Open Collaborative Container (OCC) product to work with HMDP. OCC provides a professional financial desktop that is fully customizable for various classes of end users. OCC seamlessly integrates multiple data sources including real-time data, news, chains, charts, analysis, news, and other published data. It supports various operating systems and displays all the data available on HMDP. OCC is an ActiveX container developed specifically for the financial industry.

Together HMDP and OCC provide a powerful open systems environment offering the financial industry an independent alternative market data distribution, management and display solution. The HMDP and OCC offerings leverage core technology in the more traditional client site installation model. HMDP and OCC are also the products which are included in the strategic alliance announced last week between HyperFeed and MarketXS.

Alternatively, MADgrid is a completely unique managed market data distribution product which is also based upon the TRS technology. MADGrid is unique in its use of an on demand model including metered pricing and stands as the future of on demand market data distribution.

Dashboard is a desktop trading system that interfaces with MADgrid. Dashboard, as with MADgrid will be leveraged in an on demand model utilizing shared infrastructure and metered pricing.

HMDP, OCC, MADGrid and Dashboard are not Reuters products and are not supported by Reuters. HMDP and OCC are new names for products whose launch was first announced by HyperFeed last week.

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