Quincy Data claims lowest latency for CME market data

Source: Quincy Data

Quincy Data, a recognized leader in low latency market data, is pleased to announce the addition of the Slough LD4 co-location center to its growing list of distribution sites.

The latency for CME Group data delivery in LD4 will be the lowest known for a publicly available service. The underlying network—combining microwave and fiber—delivers select CME data in 36.40 milliseconds rack to rack.

The Quincy Extreme Data (QED) service offers financial market data to exchange co-located clients over an extreme low latency microwave network linking trading centers worldwide. Being milliseconds ahead of the competition can lead to a significant increase in profits and reduction of risk for Quincy's bank, dealer, and trading clients.

The QED service integrates and normalizes market data from multiple US financial exchanges, including CME, CBOT, NYMEX and COMEX, and delivers a select subset of the data to licensed customers through microwave network technologies powered by McKay Brothers, LLC. With the QED service, market-makers, banks, and trading houses large and small can receive the most pertinent market data over a proven wireless route.

"At Quincy, we are very excited to bring our QED service to Europe," said Stephane Tyc, the Paris-based Co-Founder of Quincy Data. "We know that traders will appreciate the edge they will gain from access to the QED service. We are delighted to offer our European clients the same groundbreaking service that has been available to subscribers in the States since December 2012."

Jim Considine, Quincy's Head of Business Development & Strategy adds, "We are pleased to offer the London co-located trading community CME Group data at the lowest known latency. We believe Quincy Data offers the straightest and fastest microwave path to bring Aurora data to the east coast of the US. We are proud to extend our US latency advantage to Europe. Quincy looks forward to adding ETF, Bond, FX, and Equity Index data to our QED service. And our clients will reap the benefits as our microwave partner, McKay Brothers, continues to improve its network speed, reliability and co-location breadth."

The QED service is customizable so that clients can select only the market data they need as well as the co-location facilities where they would like to receive the data. Quincy is currently offering clients the opportunity to use the QED service without any long-term financial commitment.

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