Panini ships cheque scanner

Source: Panini

Panini, a global payments technology leader, announced the commercial release of Panini Vision neXt, the latest solution from their continuous innovation program.

The Panini Vision neXt delivers practical innovation to help users achieve unparalleled levels of accuracy, functionality, productivity and ROI by establishing new performance benchmarks for branch and commercial capture of checks and related documents.

"We are excited to introduce Panini Vision neXt to the world," said John O'Malley, Chief Executive Officer at Panini. "The Panini Vision neXt is a direct testament to our ongoing effort to deliver breakthrough solutions that exceed our customer and partner expectations of trust, value and innovation."

The Panini Vision neXt builds on more than six decades of Panini experience as a global leader in distributed capture and leverages the proven performance and capabilities of the world's most trusted brand in check capture, the Panini Vision X. Vision neXt was specifically designed to address the most common variables in check capture - environment, operator, and document quality, resulting in unparalleled levels of usability and productivity. Vision neXt features innovative and versatile capabilities such as:

  • patent-pending advanced auto-alignment which virtually eliminates the need to hand jog or machine jog items,
  • full color, dual-sided ID card scanning for new account creation or customer identification applications,
  • a state-of-the-art advanced graphic printer(AGP) capable of printing up to 14 lines of text and graphic images, allowing for consolidated and cost effective printing of a wide variety of branch and commercial documents, and
  • a completely integrated exception pocket for effective and efficient management of transaction exceptions.

With throughput speed up to 160 documents per minute (DPM), the Vision neXt is designed for the most demanding and time sensitive check capture environments. The Vision neXt can digitize a wide range of deposit and payment related documents including checks, stubs, and ID cards. Capture options can be further extended to magnetic cards, EMV cards, and the connection of USB peripherals, maximizing investment ROI while increasing utilization. The ergonomic design with swing-open covers provides complete access to the document track for cleaning, jam removal and ink-cartridge replacement, maximizing system availability and performance. 

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