MTS Bank launches mobile payments using Tieto card suite software

Source: Tieto

Thanks to Tieto's Card Suite software developments, Russian MTS Bank was able to launch a progressive service allowing mobile top-ups, mobile bill payment operations and remote purchases using a mobile device.

The service is available to MTS Bank customers and can be accessed at any time most convenient for the customer.

The chosen operation is initialized with the means of a mobile device that ensures the connection to telecommunications operator, which performs the cardholder authentication and establishes a connection with the acquiring bank. Card Suite system performs the role of authorization system for MTS Bank, generating card authorization and transaction messages based on the data received from telecommunications operator and in line with the international payment organization standards for mobile payments. The new service allows the bank's customers to make payments using traditional payment card as the source of funds, but without the time and place limitations for operation performing.

The solution provided by Tieto connects a range of systems, including Tieto's Card Suite system based in MTS Bank and external systems that initiate authorization message exchange. The solution supports the major international payment card types, Visa International and MasterCard Worldwide.

"Mobile phones have become an integral part of our daily lives, and being able to reach everyone wherever and whenever necessary is common sense. Mobile operators and other players of this ever-evolving market continuously work to find new ways to make the mobile experience simpler, faster and even more enjoyable, attracting not only the tech-savvy mobile customers," said Maris Ozolins, Director of Cards, Financial Services. 

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