Payleven tweaks sign-up process and opens up to individual Brits

Source: payleven

Payleven, Europe's technological leader in mobile payment, today announces two important steps to improve the ease and ability to accept cards, introducing a quicker and simpler paperless sign-up process as well as opening payleven to the general public and non-businesses.

Firstly, payleven today has implemented a state-of-the-art registration process, utilising latest generation electronic ID check technology. This eliminates the need for merchants to submit a copy of their ID and proof of address during sign-up and drastically reduces registration time. With this payleven has removed a key barrier to wider card acceptance, by replacing the lengthy, paper-based application processes of traditional card terminal providers - which can take several days to complete and often weeks to get approved. With the new signup process, a payleven account can be almost instantly approved and finalised in a much shorter amount of time.

Secondly, from today payleven offers the ability for private individuals to sign up for card payments. Unlike traditional card terminal providers - who often will not work with individuals, refusing to accept them as merchants and only accepting businesses - payleven now offers safe, simple card payments for everyone, allowing both individuals and businesses to become merchants quickly and easily.

Both the new onboarding process and private registration will be available from today in the UK and will shortly be rolled out to payleven's other markets- Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland & Brazil.

"It is no secret that cashless payment is the future, and the democratisation of card acceptance is a key element in this evolution," says Alston Zecha, COO and founder of payleven. "Today marks a major milestone for payleven on that journey as we have solved two long-standing problems faced by the payments industry- designing a simple, instant signup process and empowering individuals as merchants."

payleven now offers everyone the ability to accept cashless payments anytime and anywhere, by delivering a card payments solution which offers top-of-the-line Chip & PIN security, affordable PAYG pricing, a quick & easy sign-up process and is open to both busininesses & individuals. Now from flea markets to garage sales, from private sales via
classifieds to quickly repaying a friend via card, the possibilities for card payment with payleven are virtually endless. 

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