ITRS Group launches browser-based version of Geneos

Source: ITRS Group

ITRS Group, the leading global provider of specialist Application Performance Monitoring (APM) technology to the world's financial community, announced today the launch of its new, browser-based access to Geneos data.

The new interface allows users to easily access their Geneos information via a web browser, anywhere in the world. ITRS's core APM solution, Geneos, provides enterprise-wide, real-time monitoring of an institution's full trade flow, including vital external links with exchanges and data providers.

Our data visualisation allows views to be tailored to show the most relevant data for that individual and, when shared, ensures that all users see the same information. Individualising access unifies data views, so that all parties see the same ITRS Geneos metrics, in real-time. This facilitates well-informed, collaborative decision-making.

Kevin Covington, ITRS CEO, says: "In response to client feedback and to give them maximum flexibility, we are making ITRS Geneos increasingly versatile in terms of accessibility so that a larger number of people in the organisation can access and utilise its data. This solution provides a way to unlock valuable information, across the business." He adds: "Our clients include large, global companies, which operate inter-connected technical teams across multiple locations and time zones. We now enable collaboration between different departments and regions, while minimising the potential for costly errors, offering significantly more flexibility to our clients."

The HTML 5 and Web Sockets implementation ensures that Geneos minimises the bandwidth and server resources needed to support a potentially large number of users. 

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