Crédit Agricole extends FircoSoft implementation

Source: FircoSoft

Crédit Agricole Group, a major French bank, has recently extended its FircoSoft OFAC-Agent Suite license to all its international branches and subsidiaries.

FircoSoft is a leading provider of payment and securities messages repair and filtering solutions for international financial institutions. OFAC-Agent Suite is FircoSoft solution to eliminate the risk of processing illegal transactions and detect high-risk financial customers. The OFAC-Agent Suite features a messaging filter which screens both incoming and outgoing messages for names or companies matching the blocked-parties list. The system can be used with international, governmental or corporate lists.

Over 100 institutions worldwide (representing 450 sites) use FircoSoft’s Watch List Filtering solutions. FircoSoft is a member of the SWORD Group (Euronext FR0004180578 - SWP).

With this new global implementation of the software, Crédit Agricole Group is now able to screen customers from all locations against multi-origin lists of known or suspected terrorists. The group has therefore considerably enhanced its international criminal and terrorist blacklist checking capabilities.

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