Continuum Analytics forms partnership with Thomson Reuters

Source: Continuum Analytics

Continuum Analytics, the premier provider of Python-based data analytics solutions and services, today announced a new partnership with Thomson Reuters (NYSE: TRI) to make large financial datasets more accessible and easier to analyze for those in the quantitative field.

The partnership will allow subscribers to access Thomson Reuters QADirect financial database through Continuum's new in-browser Python data analytics platform, Wakari.

Thomson Reuters, the world's leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, maintains large datasets of financial information for quantitative equity management. QADirect is the comprehensive database incorporating a wide range of high-quality financial metrics found in Thomson Reuters Worldscope, Datastream, and I/B/E/S datasets.

By partnering with Thomson Reuters, Continuum Analytics now offers the financial information found in QADirect through a Python Application Programming Interface (API) hosted on Wakari. The decision to implement a Python API over QADirect's standard SQL interface comes in response to the increasing use of Python, a high-level general-purpose programming language, in the quantitative analysis world for advanced data analytics, simulation, and visualization.

With Wakari, financial analysts can access and manipulate QADirect information in a complete, web-based Python and Linux environment. Its clean user interface provides an environment to easily interact with and interpret Thomson Reuters data, as well as visualize and share their results in real-time and completely in the browser. Wakari also includes IOPro, a Python library developed specifically to optimize accessing large datasets like QADirect.

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