Chicago Stock Exchange chooses Informatica for messaging

Source: Informatica

Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX) has standardized on Informatica Ultra Messaging as its enterprise messaging backbone.

Informatica Corporation (INFA), the world's number one independent leader in data integration software, today announced that this is resulting in more effective trading services for CHX.
Informatica Ultra Messaging, part of the Informatica Platform, enables CHX to process equity orders and market data feeds with sub-millisecond response times, enabling unimpeded information flows and near instantaneous order execution.

Informatica Ultra Messaging has also enabled CHX to substantially decrease its costs and eliminate single points of failure for more reliable service delivery.

Prior to using Informatica, CHX used an internally-developed Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) messaging solution. However, CHX required more flexibility to use the proper network transport protocol (TCP versus Multicast) for the application and to help meet ever escalating performance requirements. CHX also needed to free up internal development resources and standardize on a platform to meet next-generation needs.

From a business perspective, Informatica Ultra Messaging is helping CHX:

Satisfy existing clients - In powering a more effective trading service, Informatica Ultra Messaging helps CHX satisfy the expanding needs of existing clients, including traditional broker-dealers and the institutional investors they represent.

Improve disaster recovery - Informatica Ultra Messaging enabled CHX to simplify market data and order delivery configurations. Not only has this simplified the effort to open a new data center on the east coast, it is also extremely beneficial for disaster recovery. For example, had CHX lost its east coast data center during Hurricane Sandy, the company could have moved its east coast matching systems to Chicago simply by restarting them in Chicago.

From a technical perspective, Informatica Ultra Messaging enables CHX to:

Accelerate quote updates and trade execution - Informatica simplifies the IT environment and accelerates market data delivery and transactions via its broker-less approach and network protocol flexibility to use TCP or Multicast.

Strengthen its matching engine and order flow - Informatica ensures reliable order flow and consistent matching processing by decreasing latency and "jitter."

Simplify its architecture and reduce infrastructure costs - Informatica reduces hardware and maintenance costs, increases stability and simplifies the technology infrastructure by eliminating network hops, message brokers and single points of failure.

Reduce CPU utilization - Informatica dramatically decreases CPU utilization during peak transaction times freeing this valuable resource for other applications and deferring expensive hardware upgrades.

"I am confident CHX is getting the lowest latency it could possibly achieve using Informatica Ultra Messaging," said Bob Garrett, vice president, Application Development, Chicago Stock Exchange. "The out-of-the-box solution also means we're not spending millions of dollars a year developing software to do messaging, and can instead focus more on strategic initiatives versus infrastructure. Informatica Ultra Messaging is now the gold standard for CHX's matching, order routing and market data systems."

"The explosion in message volumes across stock exchanges and other financial institutions is overwhelming traditional messaging solutions and thus endangering competitiveness and business growth," said Ash Kulkarni, senior vice president and general manager, Data Integration and Data Quality, Informatica. "Like CHX, more and more institutions are turning to Informatica to gain the ultimate in messaging performance and resilience in order to attract and satisfy customers, reduce business risk and remove impediments to growth." 

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