Stripe partners with Parse on mobile payments for app developers

Source: Stripe

Today, we're partnering with Parse. Parse helps developers create mobile applications by eliminating a lot of the server-side boilerplate and providing pre-built libraries for common tasks.

If you're building an app on Parse and want to accept payments, you don't need to write any server-side code. Just create a Stripe token within your mobile app, and then pass the token to a Parse Cloud Code function to create a charge. There's more in Parse's documentation.

Both the Parse platform and Stripe's mobile libraries help with building native mobile apps, but the mobile web is growing rapidly too. We released Checkout a few weeks ago to help create better payment flows. (Head over to The Magazine and subscribe from your phone if you'd like to see it in action.) If you're building for the web, Checkout delivers an optimized flow for all devices, including smartphone and tablet browsers.

We have many more improvements planned, and we'd love to hear your feedback on what we've built to date. 

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