Communication Federal Credit Union rolls out Tyfone mobile banking tech

Source: Tyfone

Communication Federal Credit Union (CFCU), serving more than 55,000 members across Oklahoma and Kansas, today announced the availability of Tyfone mobile financial services to its members.

CFCU partnered with Tyfone to bring mobile financial services to its membership, which include Fiserv XP2 core integrated mobile banking, and a path to enhanced strong ID authentication mobile security and NFC contactless payment technology to its members.

Tyfone's multimode mobile banking solution offers a complete range of features delivered to banking customers via App, mobile Web or SMS. In addition to standard mobile banking features such as checking balance, account history review, fund transfers, branch and ATM location lookup and customizable alerts, Tyfone's next gen mobile banking offers convenient features such as Rate Watch, Reg D Counter and alerts for debit and deposit activity.

"Tyfone's offering meets the demands of mobile bankers by providing the convenient and relevant features that matter most, especially for people that are on-the-go and do not always have time to stop at their local branch or login from a computer to check their account status," says Mark Miyamoto, director of mobile banking and product development for Tyfone. "For example, the Reg D counter is a simple, yet effective tool to inform CFCU members of how many transfers they have remaining until the end of the month. Putting this information at their fingertips ensures that CFCU members are able to know the status of their account at a moment's notice and gives them the ability to move their money when they need to, even while traveling out of town or while out shopping."

"Mobile banking is a must have in today's mobile-centric world. Tyfone's extensive background in mobile banking and road map into layered security and payments combined with a deep understanding of the XP2 core made Tyfone an easy choice for our mobile banking partner. We are excited to rollout mobile banking to all of our members and believe they will appreciate the unique features designed to enhance and simplify their banking experience," says Stephen Lark, CFCU's VP of marketing and corporate development. "Our members will be able to keep a closer watch on their money and configure their accounts to their liking, right from their device. Our Rate Watch feature, for example, allows our members to set a rate for a product they have or are interested in and once that "trigger" is met, they will receive an alert directly to their phone so that they can make the necessary adjustments to their accounts. Other account threshold and activity alerts can also be configured so members can set it and forget it, saving them time and the hassle of monitoring their accounts daily." 

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