ASPone taps Tibco FTL Message Switch to speed financial data delivery

Source: ASPone

ASPone Ltd, provider of financial networks and trading applications, today announced a strategic global partnership with Tibco Software Inc. that will see ASPone Transaction Routing Hub (TRH) data delivery and financial transaction systems implemented on Tibco FTL, Tibco's highest performance messaging product.

Banking and broking firms running ASPone TRH-RT on TIBCO FTL Message Switch should expect to see significant performance up-side in distributing financial data to applications and users around the enterprise in terms of speed, scale and reliability. Further benefits that the partnership aims to deliver are in cost management due to guaranteed delivery, space-saving and implementation resource savings.

Patrick McGrath, CEO of ASPone said: "We are already seeing great performance from the ASPone software running on TIBCO FTL Message Switch. We believe this integrated approach of deploying our software directly into the network layer offers real opportunities for our clients to implement competitive trading solutions at the same time as finding better management techniques for controlling data distribution costs. Many banks and trading firms attending the Global Forex conference this week will be focused on having competitive services such as FX algo and trading portal applications. We see ASPone TRH-RT running on TIBCO FTL Message Switch as one of the most powerful components to provide such services."

Denny Page, Chief Engineer of TIBCO Software stated: "In the perpetual development of new technology in trading operations, financial institutions need to know that their key suppliers are building a progression of products that continually evolve to improve performance. TIBCO FTL's design draws on more than 20 years of industry-leading experience in mission-critical, high-performance messaging and is specifically built to take full advantage of today's evolving technologies. TIBCO FTL Message Switch is the logical next step in this evolution combining high-performance software and high-performance networking to boost speeds even more and further reducing end-to-end latency."

ASPone neXis is the framework which combines the power of ASPone's networks, services, and financial solutions including TRH. Enterprise messaging technology frfrom TIBCO powered by TIBCO FTL is a key component in the complete neXis offering to allow financial institutions to find more innovative ways to respond to market needs. ASPone neXis also offers colocation and managed hosting services that can utilise the TIBCO FTL® Message Switch appliance. 

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