Maybank Kim Eng selects Analec ClientManager platform

Source: Analec

Maybank Kim Eng, the investment banking and brokerage business of Maybank (one of the largest banking institutions out of Malaysia with a Pan-Asia presence) selects Analec's ClientManager platform for its institutional broking client servicing needs globally.

The process of selecting the appropriate solution was run over a period of over 6 months with Maybank Kim Eng matching its needs to the best available solution in the market place. ANALEC ClientManager as a client service accountability platform is specifically geared to address the strategic challenges facing brokers and investment banks within their full-service brokerage operations, with specific focus on transparency in service delivery and profitability of each customer relationship.

Commenting on the transaction, ANALEC's CEO - Indy Sarker - stated "We are greatly encouraged by the reception ANALEC ClientManager continues to receive in the market place, despite its recent origin as a product offering from our end. We believe its ability to meet the strategic challenges facing the client servicing function within brokerages and integrated investment banks is second to none in the market place and in many ways is setting new standards on proactive and intelligent decision-making. It is empowering the client service business to make resource allocation decisions in ways that was not entirely possible previously."

ANALEC ClientManager will integrate the client servicing function across functional lines - i.e., research, sales, sales-trading, trading, and back office (i.e., settlements data) - ensuring real-time assessment of client servicing and trading activities across the business, with the objective to raise service level effectiveness and proactively address client servicing needs.

All aspects of customer servicing activities can be originated from and stored within ANALEC ClientManager, with intelligent cross-referencing and indexation for retrieval in the future. Management of Call List(s); integration with MS Outlook; click-to-dial telephony capability; managing Investor Conferences, and Marketing Road-shows; initiating client servicing Campaigns; assigning follow-on Tasks to colleagues (on client servicing issues); capturing individual client research distribution preferences, toolkit for Account Management; tracking Client Trading History and Commissions; and a range of management reporting tools to proactively assess and address client servicing bottlenecks and effectiveness of the service. In addition, the management reporting capability is highly flexible and robust, allowing manager to seek any information or intelligence on the platform on an on-demand basis in a format and presentation of their choice with complete customization possibilities.

ANALEC ClientManager provides the framework to capture every touch-point of the client service relationship electronically within the platform, and attach weights to each service (based on their value-add to the customer) to arrive at a cost-of-service metric over time. Increasingly institutional brokers want their client prioritisation exercise to deliver the most firepower to their top 20% of their client base as they deliver 80% of their revenues and reduce the resource intensity of service delivery for their marginal paying customers. ClientManager provides granular intelligence to fight this 80:20 challenge within the business.

Outside of the customer office environment, ANALEC ClientManager provides mobile capabilities on Blackberry and IPhone/IPad allowing users to log Meeting Notes and Client Interactions while on the road, ensuring the business is able to benefit from such intelligence rapidly.

Utilizing the latest available technologies, ANALEC ClientManager delivers a highly responsive, sleek and user-friendly interface, focusing on ease of navigation and easy adoption. Component technologies within the application, allow the addition of new functionality and productivity tools and their delivery to the desktops via central management of such releases. The use of a globally replicated hub system, within the architecture, ensures fault tolerance and business continuity in the event of network or server failure; as such system uptime assurances are vital during trading hours within each time zone.

ANALEC's Chief Product Architect - Colin Stone - added, "ANALEC ClientManager offers an integrated client servicing platform at the desktop of each user, to tap into the business intelligence they need; when they need it. Using web technologies, rather than browser technologies, ANALEC ClientManager delivers significantly faster response times to the end user, while proprietary encryption algorithms ensure secure connectivity whether inside or outside the office. Compared with browser based technologies, ANALEC ClientManager's architecture reduces server requests by more than 70%, which in turn reduces network bandwidth and server load."

The implementation of ANALEC ClientManagerTM at Maybank Kim Eng will be undertaken in a phased manner, both in terms of functionality and geography, over the course of the next few months. The implementation plan involves user deployment across 9 countries spread across 3 continents. ANALEC's Software Implementation Consulting Group will work alongside the Maybank Kim Eng project team to deliver upon the project deadlines and milestones. 

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